“The Rule of Logistics,” Logistics, Flow, and Contemporary Urbanism: A conversation with Keller Easterling, Jesse LeCavalier, and Clare Lyster, Cabinet

Panel discussion at Cabinet related to recently released books on Nov 15, 2016, including Jesse's "The Rule of Logistics". 


From the description

The field of logistics, which seeks to optimize the flow of materials, people, and data across the globe, dominates contemporary life, modifying not just our infrastructure and physical spaces but also our subjectivity and modes of behavior. We demand that our Amazon package be sent cross-country overnight; that fresh roses from Colombia appear at the local deli within days of being cut; and that an Uber car pick us up in a matter of minutes. 

Increasingly, the field of logistics is gaining scholarly traction in the design disciplines. Through work on supply chain systems, data networks, new forms of delivery, and the politics of logistical space, architects and urban theorists are not only exploring how logistical networks format urban territory but are employing logistical processes to examine contemporary space.